How to be a dominatrix… basic steps

A dominatrix must be the one who is able to force her submissive to do whatever she wants. It doesn’t matter if her submissive is a man or a woman, what matter is to give the biggest pleasure to that person, who needs to be passive and follow orders.

When you are not into this BDSM world, you may not even understand how much you need to be dominated to be sexual aroused. The dominatrix becomes the key to climax. Why can some people just be free? You can live want you want, and if what you want is a beautiful, blonde woman dressed in red latex making you lick her black stilettos, what stops you from doing it?

Dominatrix women are a gift for submissive, they release them from the formality prisons, they make them free from  their responsibility roles, they are the bosses, the dominant and powerful women who have developed the art of ruling men and other women too.

This role empowers them and gives them the responsibility to make others obey their command. Their beauty is nothing compared with their leading abilities.

How are some of these experiences felt by a submissive?

Here is the answer.

Wouldn’t you like to surrender in front of a busty brunette and please her as she makes you do it? There are some men that want to be commanded and this mistress knows how to do it.

How does it sound to be punished by a mature red-haired?  Tools are not a problem, going from a rule to a flogger or a cane, imagine it, and feel how each word and every possibility is turning you on.

Just one is not enough for you? You can have two madams pleasing you. If you were not able to escape from one, think on having two of them to your disposal, my mistake you being on their disposal.

Would you like to be forced to perform oral sex? Place your face where your dominatrix orders you. And you better do it, or you will be punished.

Pain, what is the deal with pain? Why does it have to be so strong and pleasant? Why is it so good to enjoy a caress, but it is even better to receive a bite, a hit from a cane? It feels so pleasant to have your strong hands punishing. How bad can be a behavior to need such punishment, please think what it is? Felling this pain keeps life on fire, keeps each nerve from the skin awake, receiving from the slightest touch to the hardest spank.

Restrain these hands, restrain these feet and restrain even each finger. Being helpless in front of you is like being helpless in front of a pleasure goddess. Why would anyone change this place to be?

Hurt this balls hurt this cock, hurt these nipples, each touch of your hand brings them to life, make this soul to connect to this human body, which is almost dead until is there for you to please it.

Remove the air, choke this neck, don’t leave this lungs breathe; after this body is suffocated the air that comes into the lungs is more precious every time.

Use electricity, those small currents stops every possible, thought.

Use your golden shower over this skin. Having you on top and getting that incredible warm water over this face, this chest and tiniest corner is something unforgettable.

Place this submissive body in front of a mirror, let this eyes see your whole body, let them look at you, as you are taking over this, your slave who is more loyal than a pet, who is there for you more permanent than time. Let Valerie August tease you and please you, let her be your Mistress.

Talking about pets, don’t you want to train this slave as your personal dog, follow you anywhere is this submissive main purpose, there is no one who follows you like that. She is the spanking escort London, who knows what you need. Who knows the sensation that turns you on.

Humiliate this body, show it how inferior it is, think on how you can show everyone else, its inferiority.

Do you think it is deserved? It is.  If there is the slightest chance of making this worse make it.

You powerful mistress are the queen of this body’s pleasure, are the dominatrix, you make this body reach the most excruciating climax…

This experience is extremely personal for each dominatrix and each submissive, the whole process has its magic. They both reach a connection and trust as the body and the soul of the submissive is in the dominatrix hands.

When people search for a professional dominatrix they trust their experience is going to be extremely satisfactory. Around the world there are thousand dominatrix and mistresses that give their best services. There are web pages in which you can hire this service. Would you like to know something curious ? Not all sessions (the time you spent with the dominatrix) end up with penetration; these sessions may be more focused in mind control. To go on with the idea most of dominatrix can be hired by the web. Over there you can find the contact information, the dominatrix will get back to you as soon as she can. You both have to agree the date and the time, and what do you want to experience with her, because her purpose is to help you find your limits and  your path to pure pleasure.

The key in a dominatrix – submissive session, is the safe word.  The “safe word” is a random word mostly not related to sexual aspects, which is chosen to show to the dominatrix when the submissive has reached his limits and it is going beyond what he or she is willing to experience. A professional dominatrix knows the safe word is sacred; it is her sing to stop whatever he is doing. A mistress may help you to explore every aspect of your sexuality; she will show you there is freedom enough to live your deepest desires. No matter if it is bondage, discipline, sadism, masochism, role play, or anything similar, live it, enjoy it and never stop yourself from living.